Patent Search & Research

Patent searches provide information necessary to make critical business decisions regarding your intellectual property. Whether you are bringing a new product to market or just curious about your competitors’ new developments, patent searches can be utilized to identify potential threats, roadblocks and opportunities for the taking. Follow the links below to learn more about Cardinal’s patent search offerings.


Search Type Turnaround Time
Patentability / Novelty 3-5 Business Days
Invalidity / Validity 4-5 Business Days
Freedom to Operate 7-14 Business Days
Listed turnaround times are averages. Actual turnaround times may vary based on a variety of factors, and will be provided at time of quote.

Patentability / Novelty Search

A Patentability Search or Novelty Search identifies prior art references that either alone or in combination are material to the patentability of an invention. Search results may include published...
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Invalidity / Validity Search

An Invalidity or Validity Search identifies prior art references that may be used alone or in combination to contest the validity of the claims in a patent or patent...
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Freedom to Operate / Clearance Search

Cardinal can provide a Freedom to Operate Search or Clearance Search to identify patents and published applications that may pose an infringement risk to your product or service, as...
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Knock Out Patentability Search

A Knock Out Patentability Search is a high level Patentability Search used to identify prior art that “knocks out” the provided disclosure. The Knock Out Patentability Search is a...
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Examination Search

An Examination Search is performed on the claims of a patent application prior to filing. The results help you prepare your application for upcoming prosecution, allowing you to adjust...
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Infringement / Non-Infringement Search

An Infringement or Non-Infringement Search identifies patents having claims that may read on a prospective product or service. Prior to conducting the search, Cardinal’s research team will work with...
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Collection / State of the Art Search

A Collection Search identifies patents, published applications, and other references based on your criteria. These criteria may include, for example, inventor, assignee, date range, or patent classification. Upon request,...
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Accelerated Examination Search

In August 2006, the USPTO established procedures for accelerated examination of patent applications to reach a decision within 12 months. One requirement of these procedures is the submission of...
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Landscape Search

A landscape search helps you make strategic decisions by providing a defined range of prior art relevant to your technical area of interest. Cardinal’s Landscape Search service gathers a...
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